Greetings fellow cinephiles,

As you know, Hollywood has a very serious “women problem.”
Women directed only 7% of the 250 highest grossing films in
2016 — a 2% drop from the previous year. As of 2017 , only
four women have been nominated for the Oscar for Best
Director — with only one winner. Despite the recent federal
labor probe and a much publicized, industry -wide push for
diversity behind the camera , women in film remain tragically
scarce . It’s time to change that.

Recently there has been a growth in the number of female -
driven production companies, however, once their content has
been produced , there is still a struggle for exhibition. I believe
distribution is the next logical frontier for female filmmakers to
tackle , and I am proud to bring you my idea for a
female-driven distribution label.

E. Californica Pictures is a start- up indie label,
founded with the goal of supporting the international
community of female auteurs and cultivating a community of
young art house cinemagoers . Through crowdfunding and social
media engagement, we hope to build a brand of unique content
produced by underrepresented talent.

The film industry is at a crossroads of diversity , and now is the time to make our voices heard.

Stay tuned for all the exciting things to come!

Nicole Fornario

Illustrated by Serafina Anelli